Kind Girls Make Strong Women

Local young sisters start a "Kind Revolution"

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - After recent protests and events in Charlottesville, Virginia, three young sisters in Bakersfield are starting a revolution to change it all. 

They're all under the age of 12, but their wisdom is beyond their years. 

They're taking a negative and they're turning it into a positive.

"There's not very much kindness in the world," said Ava Rose Wilstead, ten years old. 

It's something the Wilstead sisters agree on. 

"There are not kind people in the world and we kind on wanted to make a kind revolution," said Kaela Wilstead, twelve years old. 

Their solution, as Kaela mentioned, a "Kind Revolution." 

"Because if someone's kind then it will spread," Kaela Wilstead said. 

In reaction to the deadly protest in Charlottesville the girls decided they wanted to make a difference. 

Kaela, Ava Rose and their eight-year-old little sister Isla Belle started selling "Kind Girls Make Strong Women" t-shirts online, door to door and just about everywhere else for no profit at all. 

All the money made goes directly back into buying more shirts to sell.

"Just because not everybody is nice to each other," said Ava Rose Wilstead.

"Kind Girls Make Strong Women" was an instant hit. 

People across the nation are now dawning the t-shirts. 

The girls couldn't be more excited. 

Their mother couldn't be more proud. 

"Kindness is kind of a big thing.  The other day I asked the girls what do I want you to be when you grow up and Kaela said kind.  I was like, drop the mic, we're good, I did my job.  So it is something that we talk about.  Especially because these girls are high achieving you know, you can talk to their teachers, and that's great and that shows their hard work but are they kind and are they going to be good human beings?  That's just something that is important to me and hopefully it stays important to them," said Clarissa Wilstead, mother of the girls. 

if you'd like to join in on the Wilstead sisters kind revolution, check out their Little Chicks Beauty Boutique on Facebook or click here

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