One-in-a-million birth at San Joaquin Community Hospital

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Having a child is an indescribable joy, but what about having three at once? After Lindsay Reyes found out she was pregnant, her first two doctor appointments were routine. However, after her third, Reyes and her husband Carlos discovered the pregnancy was going to be a one-in-a-million miracle.

The Reyes' were expecting one child to join their growing family, but life can be unexpected when you're expecting.

"There was no indication that there were multiples," Lindsay Reyes said. "We had no reason to think there were. and on the third appointment we came in and the one baby from the prior week was now three babies, so it was quite the shock.

Friday morning, around 9:20, daughters Charlie, Harlow and Sloane Reyes were born at San Joaquin Community Hospital.

"they were great," Reyes said. "They didn't put me through too much. I was definitely happy when it was over, but they were worth it."

Identical triplets who were naturally conceived - an event that happens once in a blue moon. As far as the hospital knows, they have not had a naturally conceived set of triplets in the building.

"We've done a little bit of research to see how rare it is, and i think the number that we're sticking with is about one in a million," San Joaquin Director of Maternal Services Michelle Lawrence said.

The three girls were born about two months pre-mature, so they need to be constantly monitored, but Carlos Reyes can't wait to take his little girls home.

"[I'm going to] learn how to braid hair, learn how to paint nails, tea parties, the whole nine," he said. "I'm super excited."

But he and his wife are not too excited about expanding their family any further.

"Everyone's healthy, it's time to get snipped," Carlos said laughing.

"We can't risk this again," Lindsay added.

The Reyes' also have a two-year old son. Due to their premature births, the babies are scheduled to stay in the hospital a couple months, but mom and dad are hoping to take them home earlier.

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