Police reports say CPS investigated claim against accused Tehachapi baby killer in the past

Court documents detail the homicide case of Tehachapi infant

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF - Court documents confirm someone reported Daniel McKie to Child Protective Services months before he was arrested and accused of murdering a baby. McKie is accused of killing 4-month old Anakin McKie, his girlfriend's baby. Despite sharing the same last name, McKie is not the child's biological father.

Reports state on January 6 2017, CPS began looking into an alleged Facebook post on Daniel McKie's account that read "does anyone know how to kill a baby in the hospital?". At the time of the post, Anakin McKie, was in the hospital. Reports show CPS investigated the claim, but exactly a month later, deemed it "unfounded". Weeks later, Anakin McKie was dead. 

Daniel McKie told detectives investigating the homicide that someone else went on his Facebook and wrote the post, but didn't know who. 

Court documents state the baby was already dead when investigators arrived on scene on February 26. When they questioned Daniel McKie about the death, he had many versions of what happened to the child. Initially, McKie told investigators the child already appeared deceased when he checked on him. Then, he changed his story and said he picked the baby up out of the crib and dropped him on the floor. Later, he said he dropped the baby on the bed. Then he changed his story again, stating he tripped over the infant's oxygen machine and hit the wall. 

Reports say McKie was often hysterical when speaking with detectives. 

The coroner reported baby Anakin had bruises and scratches on his face, bruises on his leg, and trauma to his skull and brain. McKie repeatedly denied knowing how Anakin received any injuries and said he didn't mean to hurt him. He also told detectives that while he often gets frustrated, he still loved baby Anakin and had helped raise him since the day he was born.

Baby Anakin was born three months premature and overcame numerous health issues. 

Today, Daniel McKie was in court and pled not guilty to all charges against him. We sent McKie a jailhouse interview request but he declined. 

We've requested all CPS documents regarding Anakin McKie. CPS says they're awaiting approval from the District Attorney's office before they can release any reports made prior to the child's death. 

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