Richland School District to make some big changes

Leaving some parents and students wondering what's going on

Bakersfield, Calif. - Four schools and roughly 3,200 students make up the Richland School District in Shafter.

This week, the school board voted 3-2 to make some sweeping changes. They voted to change all administrative positions in some capacity on every campus by the 2018-2019 school year.

Assistant Superintendent, Rocio Munoz, says the changes will help the district build a more cohesive team. She didn't site any reasons for such a big shake up, but she did say that this shouldn't be a negative thing for students. 

However, many parents and some students themselves are not so sure. 

Concerned mother Melissa Dewitt said, "When you're reassigning the majority of your administrators of every school to the classroom or you are taking an administrator from one school and giving them to another school, then there is something wrong. That's going to affect everybody."

Her son, 8th grade student Malachi Dewitt echoed her concerns, saying, "It worries me and a lot of other students because we've created great bonds with our principals... They're not at our school for a paycheck," he told us. "They're there for us," he said.

Both mother and son said, they want answers. Asking for "transparency."

The district says it plans to send out an official notice with more details on the impending changes come March 1st. 

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