Search warrant details teenage girl's murder

An eyewitness gives a chilling account of girl's death

BAKERSFIELD, CALIF - The man accused of murdering a teenage girl pleaded not guilty today. The district attorney's office plans on adding a charge of rape or attempted rape, making the case eligible for the death penalty.  

Last week, we interviewed people who were at the home with 15-year-old Stacy Duke and 23-year-old Gerardo Rodriguez when the teen died, but those same witnesses we spoke with gave a very different account of events when they talked to detectives. 

Lydia Ramirez told us she brought teenager Stacy Duke to the home, believing she was a 22-year-old named Angelica Cortez. Ramirez told us she didn't know what went on inside the garage where the girl died, and that Gerardo Rodriguez walked out alone, and then she found the girl unconscious.

But, a search warrant shows Ramirez told police she walked into the garage and saw Gerardo Rodriguez straddling the teen, using one arm to hold her down, and the other to hold a pillow over her face. The warrant also says Ramirez told detectives that Duke wasn't moving when she saw her.

We talked to Lydia Ramirez today,  and she said she never told police she saw Rodriguez put a pillow on Duke's face. 

The search warrant also says Ramirez told police that Gerardo Rodriguez and Stacy Duke used to date, something Gerardo Rodriguez's family says isn't true. 

The warrant says a set of couch pillows were found around Duke's body, and says she was "obviously deceased" and had "possible strangulation marks on her neck."

The report goes onto say that firefighters at the home saw a shirtless Rodriguez sweating profusely and mumbling to himself, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." 

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