Sheriff Youngblood calls CA 'sanctuary state' laws 'nonsense'

Youngblood met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wednesday

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - At the start of this year, California's so called sanctuary state laws went into effect limiting the cooperation between immigration officials and local law enforcement.

One day after Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions in Sacramento, Youngblood applauded the Trump administration's immigration challenge to California.

"Having a sanctuary state and county for anyone who's committing crimes whether in this country legally or not is just nonsense," said Youngblood during an interview on 17 News at Sunrise.

Though the sheriff reaffirmed the Kern County Sheriff's Office does not assist in immigration raids.

"However if you're in this country illegally and committing crimes, we're gonna be on you, we don't care where you're from, what your status is," Youngblood added. 

We asked the sheriff what he would do if--like Oakland Mayor Libby Shaaf--a local politician warned the community of impending ice raids.

"I would try to get a criminal complaint, you're putting officers at risk...if you are warning people who are in this country illegally that may be committing crimes that [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] is going to come, you're borderline criminal activity, it really is, that is not rule of law," said Youngblood.

But an aide to Supervisor Leticia Perez who represents areas raided by ICE last week, tweeted out warnings during ICE's state-wide operation.

Supervisor Perez declined to be interviewed on the subject Thursday, but speaking for her office in a phone interview, aide Christian Romo told 17 News the supervisor stands by the warning.

"These are people I work with on a daily basis...these are people who are just going to work, providing for their family...these were not criminals that were rounded up, these were every day working class people," added Romo.

Sheriff Youngblood told 17 News in a phone interview this afternoon he was not aware of that tweet.

And while he said it's unclear if sending that would be criminal, he called it "absolutely unethical."

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