Some parents concerned about new KHSD boundary plan

Some parents worry sending their children to North High

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Amani Smith's 12-year-old son is headed into seventh grade.

But the anticipation of her son moving up to high school frightens this Shafter mother.

Because Smith lives in Gossamer Grove, a neighborhood that the Kern High School District decided would be a part of the north high district boundaries starting next school year. 

North High School is in Oildale, just east of Meadows Field.

Smith fears her son will leave his friends and community behind. 

"He's going to be in a high school where no one else he's gone to school with is in there," said Smith.

She does not think North High would be a good fit for her son. 

"It's not as diverse as I would like. I would prefer for it to be a little more diverse," said Smith.

According to data from the California Department of Education, for the 2015-2016 school year, North High had the lowest graduation rate in the Kern High School District at 77.1 percent.

North High also had the highest dropout rate in the district of 19.3 percent.

North High is the second whitest school of the district's 18 campuses after Kern Valley High. 

The Board of Trustees selected this outcome out of three proposed plans to help offset overcrowding in frontier. 

"I also feel that 'Plan A' less disrupts people who have been in their home for the greatest amount of time," said Trustee Mike Williams Monday night.

Local appraiser Gary Crabtree explained school district boundaries can absolutely affect home value.

"Because families with children are going to pay very special attention to neighborhoods that they want to be in, related to schools," said Crabtree.

For now, Smith is weighing options.

These changes will not impact incoming freshmen this year.

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