The Ultimate Adventure

Two local pilots hope to fly an early 1900s aircraft across the Americas

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Two local pilots hope to go on what they call "the ultimate adventure" and fly an early 1900s aircraft across the Americas. 

Diane Barney and Dustin Mosher plan on flying a vintage Cessna 120 from the world's southernmost airport north to Florida.

It's a month and a half journey they can't wait to take, but they need a like or share from you to make it happen. 

"It's the ultimate adventure. It's an amazing way to travel and just explore and live life," said Dustin Mosher. 

Friends and flight enthusiasts, Barney and Mosher are hoping to do something rather remarkable, fly in what's known as the Vintage Air Rally. 

It's a 42 day, 19 country trip from Ushuaia, Argentina to Lakeland, Florida. 

"It's an aviation challenge and the whole bit is we're doing it in a vintage aircraft so an aircraft from 1947.  It's a 70 year old plane.  How cool is that?  To be able to fly over 9,000 miles," said Diane Barney.

"A little airplane like this, it goes about 100 miles an hour so 9,000 miles straight up there that's 90 hours of flying.  That's quite a bit," Mosher said. 

The 9,200 mile journey to be exact is scheduled to start March first at the world's southernmost airport and end at the famous Sun and Fun air show in Florida April 14, 2018. 

675 teams spread across 73 countries entered for the chance to go on the trip, only 15 teams will be chosen. 

Barney and Mosher, who work at the Space Ship Company in Mojave, found out they are finalists - but they need your vote before their dream can take flight. 

"It makes the world smaller so it's something that I can do, that I can be proud of...just manipulating an aircraft.  It's an incredible feeling," Barney said. 

Barney and Mosher need to get exposure to be chosen for the Vintage Air Rally. 

If you'd like to help "Like" and "Share" their online video application. 

Click here to be directed to their online video application. 

The deadline is Dec. 1, 2017. 

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