Thousands travel to see "Super Bloom" of California poppies

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It's being called a "Super Bloom." 

Wildflowers in California arriving in abundance after substantial rain wiped away some drought fears. 

The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster benefited greatly from recent rain. 

Park officials said they weren't expecting much this wildflower season until rain hit early this year. 

Then in about mid-March pockets of California poppies bloomed in all of their golden glory. 

"We heard about the 'Super Bloom' happening and we thought it would just be an incredible opportunity to come and see all of the flowers after so much rain that's happened in southern California for the past month or two and we didn't want to miss the opportunity," said Samantha Melitta, a nature enthusiast. 

Thousands of people have traveled great distances to catch a glimpse of the "Super Bloom" of poppies at the reserve. 

"It's really incredible. Just the colors.  We could see it driving in.  It's a really pretty drive and then you just see orange everywhere.  It's amazing and now we're here up close and I can't believe what I'm seeing," said Lindsay Friederich, who enjoys sightseeing. 

Roughly an hour from Bakersfield and Los Angeles, people have been coming with cameras in hand to capture and enjoy the moment, despite strong and constant wind. 

"It's gorgeous out here.  Definitely worth the drive," said Joy Pai, who brought her family to take in the sight. 

"I think we really appreciate it because California, we got the rain.  This is a really wonderful place.  If you are close here or live a little bit away, I think it's worthwhile to visit here," said Richard Koo, a wildflower enthusiast. 

Nearly everyone agreed. 

"It's definitely worth the trip.  I mean living in California and knowing that this is right outside of your front yard.   It's absolutely worth the trip out here to actually come and see it in person," Friederich said. 

Due to high volumes of people on the weekends, park officials recommend visitors travel to the reserve Monday-Friday. 

They remind you it's illegal to pick California poppies, even stepping on flower could result in a ticket. 

Dogs, bikes and drones are not allowed. 

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