UberEATS comes to Bakersfield

'Some people don't want to get out of their jammies'

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield joined major cities across the country Monday with the launch of UberEATS.

The premise is simple. You order your food from a participating restaurant on your smart phone, and an Uber driver will pick it up and deliver it right to your door.

When Evan Aguilar's father and uncle opened Fresco Mexican Grill 10 years ago, they didn't think a phone app would be their new delivery service.

"They use Uber they use Google Maps so they kinda know what's going on now, but ten years ago, I don't think any of us saw this coming. 

This week Fresco became one of over 40 Bakersfield restaurants to participate in UberEATS.

UberEATS, part of the ride sharing app company Uber, allows restaurants who don't normally deliver, to do just that.

"We're really excited to bring people that great food and restaurants that they have in Bakersfield," said UberEATS Senior Operations Manager Patrick Winter.

We tried it out.

And Fresco had its first UberEATS order, sped in on the Uber-provided tablet.

The spicy chicken sizzled on the grill.

And soon enough our Uber driver Al Gaines arrived. 

Normally you cannot ride in an Uber picking up food, but he made an exception for our maiden voyage.

But the main deterrent could be seen in the baseline $5.99 delivery cost, about a third of my total bill.

"Because our service fee does not greatly fluctuate, you're never gonna see a $15.99 delivery fee, we thought $5.99 sounded like a sound and fair service fee," said Winter.

Or as our Uber driver said...

"I mean whether it's McDonalds or Taco Bell, some people don't want to get out of their jammies for whatever it is they want," said Gaines.

To note, like Uber, UberEATS does have a busy areas fee, when demand is high, but UberEATS representatives tell us that is not yet in effect in Bakersfield.

Here you can find FAQs on UberEATS in Bakersfield:


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