Where are all the trees?

State experts look at the devastating tree loss across California

Bakersfield, Calif. - Kegley Institute of Ethics partnered with CSUB's Crest Grant and Art Department to host a panel discussion called "Where are all the trees?" on Tuesday night. 

In parts of California, millions of drought- stressed trees have succumbed to disease and insects. But the view isn't the only thing worth worrying about... dead trees pose safety concerns, as well.

"We are really looking at fire safety first and foremost, so it is about protecting the community and giving them a fighting chance up here in alta sierra if a wildfire comes in so it won't be a devastating wildfire here in the wild- urban land interface," said Cody Norris of U.S. Forest Service. 

Some trees are already past the point of help. But these experts stress there are still ways we can preserve the nature around us.

We can conserve our energy and conserve our water. There are lots of volunteer opportunities right here in Kern County, Wildlands Conservancy or the Tejon Ranch Conservancy are just a few. 

Visit KernGoldenEmpire.com for more details. 


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