Local teen returns to diamond after fight with scoliosis

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It's been a long at bat for 16-year-old Kylie Havens. 

"Sitting in a chair, doing anything, it would just hurt," said Kylie Havens, "I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to play sports at all."

Havens was diagnosed with Scoliosis in seventh grade. 

"Every six months I'd have to go to the doctor and they'd do X-rays to see if it was getting worse and it got worse every time," Kylie Havens said. 

"It went from 37 to 47, every time it would continually get worse and we were just hoping and praying that it wouldn't," said Mike Havens, Kylie's father. 

Praying because at 50 degrees, metal rods and screws would have to be fused to Kylie's spine to straighten it. 

It's a dangerous surgery that could lead to major neurological injuries, including paralysis.

The day came. 

"It was over 50 degrees," Kylie Havens said

The surgery lasted nine hours.

"It was probably the longest nine hours of my life," Mike Havens said. 

Kylie came out of the surgery strong and eager to get back to the diamond. 

Six months after the surgery she did, getting a hit during her very first day back.

"My friends family and faith got me through everything," Kylie Havens said. 

"Going through the surgery we were just concerned that she would be healthy obviously, you know having feeling in all of her fingers and toes, but for her to be able to come back and to do what she wants to do, it's been really amazing," Mike Havens said. 

Driving in a run and scoring in more than one way. 

"Definitely don't give up," Kylie Havens said

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