Bakersfield Police warns of counterfeit bills

Three men apparently used fake $20 bills in the downtown area and now people are being warned to stay vigilant.
Three men apparently used fake $20 bills in the downtown area a week ago, and now people are being warned to stay vigilant.

The people of Bakersfield have gathered here tonight at the street fair and will most likely be spending money.  But is that money "real" money?  There are ways you can detect whether that money is fake or not.

One thing local businesses can do is purchase a fraud fighter, a rather simple device.

If you put the bill under the blue light, the machine can easily detect whether the bill is fake by looking at the colors within the bill.

Also by pointing the bill toward sunlight, you can see if the big face on the bill matches the smaller face just to the right of it.

The bottom line is people need to do what they can to ensure the validity of their money.

Leslie Devitt of the Bakersfield Police Department says, "If you were to hold up a $20 bill, which has Jackson on it, and look up into the corner of it as you hold it up to the light and you see Abraham Lincoln, the water mark doesn't match."

Overall, people just need to be more vigilant.

If you're a local business owner, investing in a fraud fighter could be of benefit.  They only cost about 150 to 200 dollars.

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