Community rallies around popular business owner with cancer

Community rallies around popular business owner with cancer

Carol Anderson and her husband own McNally's in Kernville. She was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer.
KERNVILLE - A local woman is getting widespread support from the community after learning less than a month ago she has stage four cancer.

Carol Anderson's husband Terry, says nothing could have prepared them for this. But, he says the community's support makes it a little easier.

It was a dream come true for Terry Anderson and his wife to buy and take over McNally's seven years ago.

"This opportunity became available and it worked out perfect because I am really into food and the restaurant worked out really well for my side," said Terry Anderson.

Carol managed the store, the burger stand and handled administrative duties.

Originally from Orange County, the couple wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.
The Andersons were living the dream until three weeks ago.

"We thought we had the world by the straps and it was a dream come true, until this," said Terry Anderson.

Carol has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Doctors believe she's had it for six months. The cancer started in her lungs and has now spread to her liver and lymph nodes.

"It was just a few days before her birthday. She started feeling a little rundown and thought may be she needed to get checked out because she really runs around this place a lot. It takes a lot to make this work," said Terry Anderson.

The Andersons thought Carol's fatigue was maybe from Walking Pneumonia or their biggest fear, Valley Fever.

"Neither one of us knew how to take it. We went from relief knowing that it wasn't Valley Fever to shock that it's cancer. It just kept getting worse from there. Finding out that it was so aggressive," said Terry Anderson.

The news was not only devastating to the family, but also the community.

"It strikes close to home. It makes you feel your mortality. You realize how precious life is," said Sheriff Donny Youngblood, a family friend.

"It came on so fast, and people are basically in shock that this is going on," said long-time customer Chris Wilson.

Sheriff Donny Youngblood describes the Andersons as giving.

"Whether it's a fundraiser for the people that lost their home in the fire in Kern Valley, they're there," he said.

It didn't take much for the community to rally this time to give back to the couple.

"It just seemed natural that they are the ones that are always giving. Now tragedy strikes them, shouldn't we give back?," said Youngblood.

Friends of the Andersons say the initial shock of Carol's condition is over. They are now focusing on the fight ahead.

"I know she's a fighter. We just want her to know that we are behind her," said Youngblood.

There is a fundraiser Saturday at noon at McNally's to help with Carol Anderson's medical expenses.
It will feature a raffle, silent auction and casino. Dinner is from 4-6 p.m.
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