Country music star visits local heroes

While in town for a concert, country music star Trace Adkins took time out of his busy schedule to honor some hometown heroes.
A country music star, in town for a concert, took time out of his busy schedule to honor some hometown heroes.

Trace Adkins is in the midst of shooting a new show for Great American Country TV, called "Great American Heroes."
On Thursday, he met some heroes in Bakersfield.

Cameras roll and the signature cowboy hat comes off as Trace Adkins walks into the Bakersfield Veterans Center.

Through the Wounded Heroes Fund, Wendy Porter makes it her mission to serve local veterans, but today the tables are turned. Porter and her organization are being honored for their heroic work.

"This show is something I thought about doing a couple of years ago," said Adkins. "It just came from traveling around the country and meeting people who do selfless acts of kindness. I just thought, someone should give them a pat on the back."

"We've known for a little bit, but now that he's here it's kind of surreal," said Porter.

During the shoot for the new show, Porter leads Adkins and the cameras through the center, filling them in on some of the things they do, from guitar lessons, to counseling, to building the new outdoor grill area where vets will have a safe place to hang out.

The singer shook hands with veterans and even got his Wranglers dirty while helping plant a tree.

Earlier this week, the star visited two other hometown heroes chosen to be on the show.

Sgt. Chad Jackman runs the Bakersfield Police Activities League. Adkins joined him to spend time with kids who come to the PAL center to stay off the streets and out of trouble.

"I was humbled. It wasn't just me. They singled me out, but there are a lot of people who put a lot of love and work into this place for it to be what it is," said Jackman. 

The Bakersfield Firefighters Burn Foundation will also be featured for their work helping burn survivors.

"It has given me an opportunity to meet some absolute treasures. These people are wonderful individuals," said Adkins.

"When other people from other areas of the country see what little old Bakersfield can do, I hope it challenges others to do the same," added Porter.

Bakersfield is one of ten cities across the country to be featured on the show that airs this fall.
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