Government shutdown affecting local agencies

Government shutdown affecting local agencies

The government shutdown means limited services at Edwards Air Force Base and agencies in Kern County.
BAKERSFIELD, CA- For the first time in 17 years the U.S. government has shutdown.  Thousands of federal employees are furloughed. But agencies like social security, medicare and the military are not affected by the government shutdown.

On Monday night, President Obama sent a message to our troops.

"You and your families deserve better than the dysfunction that you're seeing in Congress."

Agencies "necessary to protect life or property" like law enforcement and the military will continue as usual. The President signed a last minute bill authorizing paychecks for troops and some defense department workers and contractors.

"Air Force functions that are essential to national security and public safety, that will definitely continue. Our military personnel at Edwards are not subject to furloughs,"said Jet Fabara, public affairs officer for Edwards Air Force Base.

Some civilian employees at Edwards Air Force Base could still be affected and services at the base like healthcare could still be affected.

"Elective surgery and other elective procedures in the Department of Defense Medical and Dental facilities those would be suspended," said Fabara.

The Community Action Partnership of Kern delivers many federally-funded services to the poor like energy bill assistance and food support through women infants and children, or WIC.

CAPK says it has an emergency plan in place and should be ok unless the shutdown goes long.

"We will be able to survive for maybe about another 30 days under our existing cash flow situation. Anything after that, we'd probably begin shutting programs down or furloughing employees," said Jeremy Tobias, CAPK Executive Director.
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