Hooters: Family fun or adult entertainment?

Hooters: Family fun or adult entertainment?

The National Organization for Women has filed complaints against Hooters, claiming the chain restaurant is adult entertainment and should not be catering to children.
"The women don't wear less than half the girls walking the streets these days," says Kammie Young, a Bakersfield mom who has no problem taking her son to the Hooters restaurant in Bakersfield. 

Others, however, prefer to stay away. 

"It's not a place that I would personally go to, just because of my beliefs, so I wouldn't choose to take my children there," says Barbara Gergian of Bakersfield.

The National Organization for Women, NOW, is hoping all children will be kept away.

They have filed complaints in San Francisco, San Bruno, Sacramento and Orange counties, claiming Hooters restaurants are in essence, adult entertainment, and should be barred from having children's menus and serving minors.

NOW's president told the San Francisco Chronicle, "Hooters claims they are not a restaurant, but they are vicarious entertainment, so their workers are not food servers or waitresses, their workers are sexual entertainers."

"I mean it is everyone's right to feel how they want to, if you don't want to go, don't go," says Jon Stuck, a Hooters customer.

Hooters released a statement saying "Hooters girls are sexy and vivacious. The element of sex appeal is certainly prevalent in our restaurants, and is the essence of the Hooters experience, but the Hooters brand of sex appeal is wholesome and that of the All-American cheerleader, not a seedy strip club."

The filed complaints did not include Kern County, but customers at the local Hooters stood behind the restaurant.

"There's nothing wrong with what they are doing in there and if you don't like it, don't look," says Allan Hazel.  "If you have a problem with your kids seeing it, don't bring your kids."

Others, however, found calling it a family restaurant hard to buy.

"I mean what it (Hooters) indirectly represents, it is kind of weird to have kids in the mix of that," says Jackie Frigillana.

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