Local band competes online for Myspace Records contract

Local band competes online for Myspace Records contract

The band is named "Cidona" and the group is trying to prove to Myspace Records that they can promote themsevles successfully online.

The band is named "Cidona" and the group is trying to prove to Myspace Records that it can successfully promote itself online.

Earlier this year, Cidona donated a drum set to a 3rd Grade class at John L. Pruitt Elementary School in Wasco. Ever since, they have taken the kids under their wings of musical influence. This Friday morning at 8 a.m., they will be playing a concert with the students at the school.

Cidona was founded by the drummer and the bassist a few years ago. Last october, lead singer Karrisa Jackson joined the band and they have been playing the local scene ever since.

Their music is described as alternative rock with a lot of "Blink 182" type-of-music influences and their message is about being positive.

"It's a lot about love, a lot about life situations," explained lead singer Karrisa Jackson. "We kind of have like a Christian background. We all believe in God."

Jackson said Cidona is not a Christian band, but they do promote positive things. Drummer and co-founder Josiah Frazier said the timing is right for this competition because Cidona has finally found a sound that works for them.

"It's getting a little harder, a little bit more on the rock side of alternative," Frazier said. "But we seem to like it and the people seem to like what we've progressed as. Especially for those who have followed us from before."

The first stage of the Myspace Records competition is about self-promotion. The band said every move it makes right now is being watched by Myspace Records executives.

The goal for a band is to have as many cassette widgets shared online as possible.

Cidona fans can log onto www.myspace.com/cidona  and click on the blog "wanna help us sell our souls".  Frazier pops up on the next page with an instructional video.

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