Local man holds yard sale for 175,000 comic books

Scott Hudlow will be putting 175,000 comic books up for grabs in a weekend yard sale.

Scott Hudlow will be putting 175,000 comic books up for grabs in a weekend yard sale.

He's been a dealer for 15 years and has worked out of his home for the past 12. He figures a yard sale is the best way to build a client base and let people know he's open for business.

He says there is a comic book for everyone's taste.

"When somebody comes to me and asks, 'well, I don't really read comic books,' I often ask them what do you like to read and what do you like to watch on tv?," Hudlow said Monday night. "Well, there's actually a CSI comic book out there."

His comic books are taking over his house. At 250 books per box, some boxes are stacked seven high in rows along one entire wall in his garage. They are also in the corners of his den, and some are even tucked away behind his couch in his living room.

The married father of two got into collecting comics during grad school. He worked at a comic book store while he earned his masters degree at George Washington University in Washington DC.

He's a local archaeologist and a professor. He teaches history at Bakersfield College in Delano.

"it's quite nice to have things to be that diametrically opposed cause it does mentally keep me in a variety of different places."

And comic books are no joke when it comes to having a lot of value. For example, one asking price on eBay for a Spider Man #1 from 1963 is $6,299.00.

Dealers in town say as far as newer comic books, value down the road depends on popularity.

Ronald Ramierez of Going Undergound Records says he has a regular clientele buying new comics when they come out every Wednesday.

"Right now, Secret Invasion, Final Crisis, and Scaar from the Hulk," said Ramierez.

Hudlow says the lure of a comic book is a multitude of things.

"There's a lot of ways to escape in to a comic book you got great art you got good stories you go characters that you could empathize with some you like and some that you don't like"

The giant yard sale will be held Saturday and Sunday at 1405 Sutter Lane in Southwest Bakersfield. Comics will start at 25 cents.

For more information, call Hudlow at 834-9183.

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