Officer-involved shooting leaves one person dead

Officer-involved shooting leaves one person dead

One man is dead after being shot and killed by Bakersfield Police. The shooting happened just after midnight on Union Avenue near Highway 178. Police say the man pulled a gun and started firing at officers.
None of the officers involved in the shooting were struck by any of the bullets fired by Darrin Hogg, who fired several shots. Considering how the officers were caught a bit off guard, they are very fortunate not to have been hit.

Damage was done to two Bakersfield Police squad cars.  Police say it's the work of 22-year-old Darrin Hogg of Bakersfield. "Well he fired his weapon empty," said BPD Sgt. Mary DeGeare. "We have located six rounds within each of the two patrol cars."

Police say it started around midnight. Police were called out to the 300 block of Monterey Street for a report of people fighting.  On scene, officers heard gunshots. 

Officer Daniel McAfee, was driving west on Niles and saw Darrin Hogg walking down the street. Police say McAfee asked Hogg to stop. "And so McAfee stopped and started getting out of his car and as he's getting out of his car, he can see Hogg turning on him, and he can see he has a hand gun in his hand," added DeGeare.

Police say Hogg fired his .45 caliber hand gun and McAfee returned fire. Two more officers arrived just as the battle began.

"The assisting officers arrive and they're seeing the gun battle between their partner and this man who's trying to kill him," said DeGeare. "They're getting out to assist, and as they're getting out, Hogg is running towards them and starts firing on them."

Officers Robert Pair and Michael Johns returned fire, hitting Hogg several times.  He later died. 

Neighbors say Hogg lived in an apartment complex on Monterey Street. No one was home, but a makeshift memorial was set up outside. Neighbors we talked with are surprised by the incident. "I thought he was a really good guy, but I don't understand why he was shooting that gun," said nearby store owner Mike Lee.

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the initial gunfire that led to the officers' response.  All three officers have been put on routine, paid administrative leave while investigation continues.

As for Hogg, he had no prior criminal record in Kern County, but had an existing felony warrant out for his arrest for selling cocaine in Sacramento.

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