President Obama pays tribute to Cesar Chavez

President Obama pays tribute to Cesar Chavez

The President dedicated a national monument to Chavez.
President Barack Obama made a visit to Kern County Monday to pay tribute to Latino icon Cesar Chavez.
In honor of the late labor leader and farmworker, the President dedicated the Cesar Chavez National Monument in Keene.

Though it wasn't meant to be a campaign rally, about 7,000 people gathered to watch the dedication and greeted President Obama with chants of "four more years."

The President devoted the majority of his speech to Chavez and his inspirational acts of humanity. 

"Cesar didn't believe in helping those who refused to help themselves, but he did believe that when someone works 12 hours a day in the fields, they can earn enough to put food on the table and maybe save up enough to buy a home. Then that makes our community stronger. That lifts up our entire economy. He believed that when a worker is treated fairly and humanely by their employer, that adds meaning to the values this country was founded upon and credence to the claim that out of many we are one." 

La Paz once served as the headquarters of the United Farmworkers Union, which was co-founded by Cesar Chavez.
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