President Obama to visit Keene on Monday

President Obama to visit Keene on Monday

The White House on Tuesday confirmed the President will come to Kern County next week.
The White House confirms President Obama will be in Kern County on Monday, October 8th.

He's coming to announce a national monument honoring the late César Chávez and his work in Keene.

Right now, it's not clear if the public will have a chance to see the President or the dedication. The White House tells 17 News, the final details on the President's visit are not finalized.

César Chávez spent the later years of his life in La Paz in Keene, where he lived, worked, and was laid to rest.

President Obama is honoring Chavez's legacy, giving a voice to farmworkers across the nation with this monument. The process has taken more than six years to complete, but the family thinks the time was worth it.

"We are very excited to have the President come and visit and to issue the proclamation. We think that it's fitting. I think it's a tribute to not only my father, but to the work of hundreds of thousands of people who get up every morning and work in the most difficult situations and are not paid a just wage," said Paul Chavez, Cesar Chavez's son.

Paul Chavez and the White House say they have no set details of the President's trip yet, including whether the public will be able to attend the dedication or if it will be limited to only a select group. "We will be meeting with folks from the White House advance team and Secret Service this afternoon. We will talk about things as mundane as where do you park cars, where do the bathrooms go, where is the event to be held, the stage, and who's going to speak."

César Chávez co-founded the United Farm Workers of America.

The group continues to fight for farmworker rights and they hope everyone who wants to attend will be able to do so.
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