President Obama touches down at Meadows Field

President Obama touches down at Meadows Field

He shook hands with people before leaving in a motorcade for Keene.
President Obama was running behind from the moment he touched down 15 minutes late at Meadows Field Monday morning.

A pre-selected group of 72 people was there to greet him.

Stepping off Air Force One, the President bypassed the armored SUV and took a detour to the six dozen people gathered on the Meadows Field tarmac.

"What did the President say to you? we asked Blake Johnson of Taft. " Uh, how are you doing? That's pretty much it."

Standing next to Blake were 4-year-old Camryn Youngblood, 3-year-old Kaylie Youngblood and 5-year-old Gracie Wood.

"We had to use the cute little girls up in front as bait, and it worked. We got some really good stuff," said Melissa Youngblood.

Politics aside, the girls' dad says this day also was a lesson in civics.

"Whether you respect the man or not, you have to have respect for the office. That is why we were here today, was to show respect for the office," said Todd Wood.

Throughout the morning, security at the International Terminal was tight.

Secret Service still stood ready after the President's motorcade left for Keene. And, Air Force One sat idling on the tarmac, ready for a quick takeoff if it was needed.

The President's helicopter, dubbed Marine One when he's on board, arrived shortly before the motorcade came back from Keene. It apparently also sat idling just in case.

From Kern County, the President traveled to San Francisco for a concert fundraiser.
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