Search warrants released in the Phillip Dhanens death investigation

Search warrants released in the Phillip Dhanens death investigation

Reports show investigators believe evidence is being withheld.

Fresno police have released the search warrant and report of what investigators found that, they say, led to the death of Garces graduate, Phillip Dhanens.

Earlier, toxicology reports show Dhanens' blood alcohol level was .36. Investigators say he was drinking as a new pledge at the Theta Chi fraternity house off the Fresno State campus.

18-year-old Dhanens was pronounced dead September 2nd. According to police reports, two days earlier he and other pledges were celebrating the last day of rush at a party at the Theta Chi house off the Fresno State University campus.

The report shows executive members of the fraternity passed out bottles of hard liquor to the pledges and states quote: "The pledges were informed that they were not allowed to leave the "Chapter Room" to join the other fraternity members in the house until they drank all of the alcohol in the "Chapter Room." However, during the interviews, members of the executive board told detectives they did not force the pledges to drink."

The report shows after an hour of drinking, Dhanens passed out and fell out of his chair.

The report shows, "Four unidentified fraternity members carried Phillip Dhanens to "The Drunk Room."

"Dhanens was said to be watched over by approximately twelve Theta Chi fraternity members whom were referred to as "Sober Brothers.... Approximately three hours later, fraternity members entered the "Drunk Room" and found Phillip Dhanens unconscious and not breathing."

Investigators say two Theta Chi members started CPR, while others called 911. Dhanens died the following morning at the hospital.

Police search warrants helped investigators obtain computers, cell phones, alcohol bottles and receipts from the fraternity house. However, the report claims a list of members and pledges they asked for has not been provided, pictures from the night of the party refused, and the president of the chapter of Theta Chi no longer wants to cooperate in the investigation.

The report says, "Based on the lack of cooperation provided by the Theta Chi fraternity it is your affiant's belief that fraternity members are withholding pertinent information/evidence related to this ongoing investigation."

The reports also says investigators have information fraternity members are communicating through Facebook and e-mail about the event. The Theta Chi fraternity has been suspended since the death. Still no word if any charges will be filed.

The Dhanens family and his girlfriend were unavailable for comment.

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