Setback for Bakersfield man injured during PG&E implosion

Jerry Wood has undergone nearly two dozen surgeries.
BAKERSFIELD - The Bakersfield man critically injured in the demolition of the old PG&E power plant three weeks ago, has suffered a setback.

The family's attorney, Dennis Thelen, tells 17 News, surgeons at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco suffered a setback Thursday, as they worked to repair Wood's right leg.

"The Stanford surgeon in charge of bone grafting for both legs determined some of the bone graft placed in the right leg was not viable so they did more surgery on the right leg than planned and had to replace some of the graft material," said Thelen.

Thelen says Wood has had 22 surgeries on his legs since the accident three weeks ago.

He says Wood may be released from the hospital soon for some upper body rehabilitation back here in Bakersfield.
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