Two men killed inside local medical marijuana dispensary

Two men killed inside local medical marijuana dispensary

Bakersfield police are looking for suspects.

BAKERSFIELD - Police are trying to find the person or persons who shot and killed two men inside a medical marijuana collective Wednesday morning. It happened just before 10 a.m. inside First Reliable located at 217 Chester Avenue.

Police have not said what they believe the motive was and the coroner has not released the names of the victims. But, a family at the scene says they know one of the men is related to them and worked at the shop. Marquise Blackmon says he was her husband, named Devin Daniels.

"He wouldn't be nowhere else. He always there," said Blackmon.      

Blackmon says Daniels was the father of her three young girls. She says the 23-year-old worked at the shop for two years. His family, including sister Christina Luttrell, surrounded the crime scene.

"He wasn't even going to come to work today. He wasn't going to come to work today," said Luttrell, crying in grief.
Bakersfield Police received calls reporting gun shots Wednesday morning. When they arrived minutes later, investigators found found two men, shot to death, inside the shop.  Other people they interviewed told police they saw a dark colored sport utility vehicle speeding away.

"They've canvassed the area and they are continuing to follow up with their investigation," said Michaela Beard, Bakersfield Police public information officer.

Police didn't find any weapons and people in the busy area, continued to crowd around to see what happened.
"You don't know if it was to rob the store or if the people in there had beef at the time. You know, you don't really know," said Stephanie Robert who lives in the area.

But, Daniels' family says they know they've lost a loved one and his daughters lost a father.

"He was the most kindhearted, good, greatest father there could possibly be," said Luttrell.

"They're all under five," said Blackmon. "My oldest is going to be five next month. He ain't going to be there for their birthday," realized Blackmon crying.

Police are looking for a dark colored SUV, they say, sped away from the scene. They say a man was driving with a female passenger, and that's all the suspect information they have. Anyone with information is asked to call Bakersfield Police at 327-7111.

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