Volunteers carry out last wish of local boy who died of cancer

Volunteers carry out last wish of local boy who died of cancer

Nathan Garcia collected thousands of toys to be distributed to children in hospitals.
Local volunteers are carrying out the last wish of a 13-year-old Bakersfield boy.

Nathan Garcia, who lost his battle with brain cancer Tuesday, collected thousands of toys to be delivered to sick children.

Thursday morning, volunteers tucked toys into boxes. Each one was donated because of Nathan, and each one moved closer to what the 13-year old wanted-- to brighten the holidays of sick children in hospitals.

"This is his, ah, his story," said Michael Garcia, Nathan's father.

Nathan's story ended too soon. On Tuesday night, he lost his battle with brain cancer. But, his legacy lives on.

Volunteers from Make-A-Wish, Hoffman Hospice and Reliable Moving and Storage, emptied the Garcia's garage and a packed pod and stuffed a truck with toys.

"We volunteered our services and our truck and our equipment to get that accomplished for him, to follow through what his dream and wish was," said Kevin Gutierrez,  
Reliable Moving and Storage.

"You don't meet a lot of kids like this, with this much courage. And, to see this, it brings back a lot of hope to the community," said Krisi Main, Nathan's case manager.

"Just knowing this was all because of him and what it's going to feel like later on that our garage is empty, the container is gone. I don't know if I'm going to be able to hold it together," said Michael Garcia.

As Nathan's family says goodbye to the teen and his collection of toys, they close this chapter, but open the thousands of stories these gifts will create this Christmas, thanks to one special boy. 

"We knew he was happy with what he accomplished," said Michael Garcia. "The main thing is he's not suffering no more and he's playing football for God now. And, he's running and playing for the number one team."

The toys will be separated at the American Legion in downtown Bakersfield and delivered to hospitals locally and across the state Friday morning.

Nathan's father says they are going to make Nathan's Wish an annual event and they are working to create a foundation in his name.

Nathan's funeral is set for Saturday, December 22nd at Valley Bible Fellowship at 10 a.m.

There is an account at Wells Fargo under 'Nathan Garcia' if anyone would like to help the family with funeral expenses or his foundation.
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