CSUB kicks off RecycleMania

Cal State Bakersfield competes against schools from around the nation to see which can recycle the most.
BAKERSFIELD, CA - Cal State Bakersfield students are doing what they can to encourage others to recycle on campus. On Monday, they kicked off a national competition called RecycleMania.

CSUB President Dr. Horace Mitchell says the university has made a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. RecycleMania gives students the chance to see how their eco-friendly actions stack up against other campuses.

"Ready, set, go!"

For the next two months, CSUB is participating in RecycleMania, a competition among colleges in North America to see which school recycles the most.

"It just reminds every day that there's something we could be doing to help out the earth and to reduce our carbon footprint," said Saul Lewis, who participates in RecycleMania.

Joined by "The Bag Monster" who sported the 500 plastic bags the average person uses each year, students got down and dirty in competition. They stacked cans and rummaged through trash to find recyclables.

"Crazy slippery, slimy, a little bit wet."

"I feel like I got my workout for today."

"I was holding my breath most of the time actually. I have a weak stomach, so going back and forth and holding my breath and running, that definitely got me tired," said participant Don Pasion.

Last year, CSUB finished 35th out of some 8,000 schools that participated. It showed the students representing the blue and gold, know how to go green.

"Last year, what we did with the recycling fund, we were able to buy some cans that we put around campus especially in the classroom," said student body president Hilda Nieblas.

The winning school gets nothing but bragging rights. But, for those passionate about recycling, it's all about raising awareness.

"If you just take two seconds to look at whether or not it can be thrown in a recycle bin, you're saving a lot more energy a lot more resources overall."

Over the last three years, CSUB has collected around 15,000 pounds of recycled goods including E-waste. That equates to 25 metric tons of carbon dioxide, removing emissions of five cars from our air.
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