Deputies: Be wary of phone scam in Bakersfield

The sheriff's department says the caller would identify himself as "Lt. Gore" from their office's warrant service.
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- The sheriff's department says in late February they had received several calls from the public regarding a possible phone scam.  An unknown person calling himself "Lt. Gore" from their warrant service would tell people they had an outstanding warrant for their arrest and he was giving them an opportunity to pay the fine to avoid being arrested. 

Deputies say one of the victims had purchased a pre-paid credit card for several hundred dollars and gave that information to the caller.  They believe the call came from the state of Georgia and those who were called say he had a heavy southern accent. 

Since late February, there have been additional reports of similar calls and it appears according to the sheriff's department, the scam is ongoing. The department wants to remind residents, they do not solicit fines by phone.  If you receive a similar call, note the incoming call number, hang up and report the information to the sheriff's department. 

If you have any information, call the sheriff's department at 661-861-3110. 

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Bakersfield, CA