Neighbors in Oildale want squatters evicted

Neighbors say the home where people are squatting, has become a dumping ground and is a safety hazard.
OILDALE - Many people in Oildale are fed up with squatters, they say, have taken over a vacant home.

Neighbors believe the property is even being used for illegal dumping. They also say the home is a health hazard and County Code Compliance should consider demolishing it.

The county says the home on Lincoln Avenue is unsafe and dangerous. But, county officials say it's up to the Board of Supervisors whether the home should be torn down. 

"Board it up. Burn it down. Do something because this is a health hazard to all my neighbors around here," said Christine Ford.

Neighbors say it's an eyesore that has been around for years.

"It's nasty. Would you want your children to come by here? This is staph infection. This is rotten trash, disgusting needles, it's horrible," Ford said.

"It's disgusting. It's nasty. I mean, I want to go in there and clean it up myself, but I'm not going in there and touching nothing, it's gross," said neighbor Lisa Boyer.

Neighbors say they've made numerous calls to County Code Compliance, but the property still looks the same, covered in trash and debris.

Neighbors say with so many people going in and out, a fire started in the back of the house last summer.

"I want it destroyed. I want it brought down because it's a fire hazard. Kids come through here that want to vandalize, and that's what they look at right there, and it's just waiting for a match to come along or a lighter," Boyer continued.

County Code Compliance is aware of the problem. Staff says their first option would be to demolish the home, but the process takes time.

"Anytime we seize property from someone and demolish it, we have to have legal authority to do that. The Board of Supervisors can give us that authority and then we can have it demolished and the property cleaned," said Dave Wasserman, Code Compliance Supervisor.

Code enforcement says a board hearing will be scheduled soon to determine if the home will be demolished.
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