Oil industry fires back at environmental groups over decision for deep-well injection

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The oil industry is firing back at environmental groups over a decision by the federal EPA to allow deep-well injection of production waste water into three aquifers in Kern County.
That decision was supported by California Governor Jerry Brown. The EPA last week announced the Fruitvale, Round Mountain, and Tejon aquifers will remain exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act,.meaning the oil producers can continue to inject their production waste water back into zones where it was pumped from.
The Center for Biological Diversity Tuesday criticized the decision saying, "Governor Brown's legacy will be deeply tarnished by this deplorable decision. President Trump's EPA is clearly eager to help state oil regulators give California's water away to the petroleum industry, said the center's Kassie Siegel in a news release.  
Independent oil producer Chad Hathaway Wednesday blasted the environmental group, accusing it of lying to the public and distorting the facts. "Remember when this whole thing started, we went through every injection well in the state of California and they were unable to find any instances of contamination. So we went through this process to make sure the public, to make sure the process all governmental agencies were on board. And the EPA that actually approved these things is the EPA under the Obama Administration, not Trump. So it was a complete misrepresentation of the facts."
Hathaway says environmental groups are terrified that government watchdogs have determined the industry's deep well injection process is safe, and now are resorting to scaring the public about a threat that doesn't exist.

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