Rubik's Cube competition at Golden Valley High School

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It took one local teen just over 13 seconds to solve a Rubik's Cube, about 5 seconds off the world record, set back in 2013. 
Dozens of students participated in Tuesday night's event, all ripping through cubes faster than you can read this story.
Since 2008, students have been competing annually in Kern County for top speed solver. 
How the kids got into speed solving... that varies. 
Joseph Chung, a professional level speed solver said, "I had a pastor two years ago, we were bored during a sermon and he taught me how to do it in a different room, quietly".
But the method to solve the Rubik's Cube remains constant.
German Robledo, math teacher and organizer said, "there is a way to solve it, there are six steps that they need to figure out, and we walk them through each step so by the end of about a week and a half they can solve the cube".
But, it'll take you about two years of practice in speed solving to get your time down to near 13 seconds, like Tuesday night's winner Eloy Romero.
"This is my best time, my first competition actually, so it's really exciting", Romero said.
And as a math teacher himself, organizer German Robledo gets the satisfaction of kids learning and having a good time doing so.
"To see kids coming out and being excited about a math puzzle, it's fantastic, I couldn't ask for more", Robledo said.

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