Five things parents can do to help their child thrive in school

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Being a student is more challenging than ever as students are held to higher standards. That challenge extends to parents as well, as they try to balance work and family.

But local educators say there are a few things you, as parents, can do to ensure your kid is thriving in the classroom.

Although your schedule may seem too full to add more things to it, local teachers say there are five small things parents can do to improve their child's educational experience.

The bell rings for another school day. Another day where the bar is set high for students with challenging school standards, multiple extracurricular activities and a social life.

Karen Patino has been teaching for 19 years across the Golden Empire. She says today's challenges are not just for students. Parents also take on more as they balance multiple schedules, making it difficult to know what's happening in their child's classroom.

But local educators say there are five things a parent can do to ensure their child is getting the most out of their educational experience.

Number one, unplug. According to the PEW Research Center, two-thirds of homes in America have a smart device. The same study shows 46 percent of smart phone owners say they could not live without it. Parents can designate a time, such as dinner, to power down.

Number two, face-to-face, parent-teacher communication. Lori Hardy is a second grade teacher at Rosedale North Elementary School, teaching students for over 25 years.

She says face-to-face communication with parents plays a vital role in helping educators understand each student's unique story.

Number three, creating a desire to learn.Parents can encourage their child to desire learning.

Number four, not putting the emphasis on grades. Instead, shifting the focus to comprehending the material.

Number five, reading. Teachers say reading is the foundation for students to perform well in all subjects.  It's also another way to spend time with your child and letting them know the importance of their education.

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