Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving

Many homeowners put up Christmas trees and lights before Thanksgiving. Are they simply getting a head start on Christmas or skipping over Thanksgiving?
BAKERSFIELD, CA - Thanksgiving is in one week, but it appears many people are skipping ahead to Christmas.

Everywhere you go, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Some viewers posted their opinions on the 17 News Facebook page after KGET weather forecaster Kevin Charette posted a picture of his decorated Christmas tree.

"For me, it's my childhood," said Tom Xavier, who has already decorated all eight rooms of his northwest Bakersfield home. "My mother and grandmother always decorated a lot, so I just decided to carry it on. Maybe I excelled a little bit too much."

Other homeowners are more secretive about their Christmas obsession.

"My tree's not done yet, but my mantle is all done," said Cristin Crisman. "The outside isn't done yet, because I don't want my neighbors to know I'm crazy."

In fact, some people said celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving is crazy.

"People are already calling me 'Scrooge,' but my birthday is November 19th, and if they play Christmas music before then, to me that's way too early," said Robyn Lace.

Homeowners with already-decorated homes said they prefer to celebrate longer since Christmas only comes once a year. They want to take time and enjoy their decorated homes.

"A friend of mine came over and said, 'We're coming here for Thanksgiving and everything's decorated for Christmas.' I told him, 'Look, I've got a pumpkin candle burning so get over it," said Xavier.
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