Injured kit fox rescued from fence

Injured kit fox rescued from fence

Residents in southwest Bakersfield say the endangered animal has lived in their neighborhood for more than two years and they hope he can come back.
BAKERSFIELD, CA - An endangered animal got itself into trouble in a southwest Bakersfield neighborhood. Homeowners called animal control to save a kit fox trapped in a chain link fence, but where the kit fox ends up now is still to be determined.

"Oh he wasn't a pest. He was just here and that was all," said neighbor Al Sullivan. "He didn't bother nobody."

The kit fox would sleep in his neighbor's bushes and spend time under the fruit trees. If he left, it was never for very long.

"He took off that way and two days later he's back again," said Sullivan.

The other day, the kit fox got stuck slipping through Sullivan's fence. He hurt his hind leg trying to pull it out. Neighbors were alerted by dogs and birds making noise out back. A Bakersfield Animal Control officer said he didn't have much trouble helping the fox and that it cooperated with his rescue.

"He wasn't afraid of you. He just laid right there," said Sullivan.

CALM is paying for the veterinary care for the kit fox, but it still needs to wait for approval from California Department of Fish and Wildlife on whether or not the kit fox can come to CALM after it recovers.

Sullivan said if it's up to the kit fox, he's pretty sure the kit fox would want to come home.

"If they ever turn him loose, he'll be back here," said Sullivan.

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