Kern County Whooping Cough cases rise

Kern County Whooping Cough cases rise to 55
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- More than 800 new cases of Whooping Cough have been confirmed in California in the past two weeks, four of them are new in Kern County.

The Kern County Department of Public Health says it's received 55 total cases, 23 of them in patients between the ages of ten and 18.

There are 3,458 Whooping Cough cases in California, as of the state's latest update released Wednesday, June 10.

That's more than were reported in all of last year.

Of those, 119 people have been hospitalized, 77 of them infants under four months old. One infant has died from Whooping Cough in California this year.

The California Department of Public Health is urging children and adults to make sure they're up to date with their vaccinations.

Here is a link to the latest state report on Whooping Cough.

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