Local woman cleaning up Oildale one truckload at a time

Local woman cleaning up Oildale one truckload at a time

A local woman and her team of volunteers are trying to makeover Oildale by picking up one roadside mattress at a time. But, they need some extra help.
OILDALE, CA-  Drive through Oildale and it won't take too long to spot syringes, old toilets, and mattresses.

"It makes us sort of feel ashamed of your area, you know, because we have a lot of nice people over here," said Oildale resident Dinzle Lawrence.

But, Jennifer David and her volunteers are cleaning up Oildale, one truckload at a time.

"In ten years from now, this could either look like a huge dump zone or this could look like a really nice beautiful place to live again," said David.

David lost her 17-year-old daughter Ashley to heroin. She says the traumatizing experience inspired her to better her community.

"I just wanted to make a difference, and I wanted to leave a legacy behind because once we're gone that's it. If you don't have any story to tell, no one is going to remember you," said David. 

David started "Makin' it Great in the '08" three years ago. She drives her truck around Oildale and fills it up with trash. She says she doesn't mind taking the time to do it, but getting rid of all that trash is tough.

"It's the dumping. Taking it all the way to the dump. The gas money that has to come out of my pocket, that prohibits me from doing more," said David. 

David uses the Bena landfill off Highway 58, but it's about twenty miles one way.  She hopes she can receive funding from the county to cover expenses like gas and a new trailer or get permission to dump somewhere closer.

"Sometimes funding isn't there, but we don't want to get paid. We just need some better resources so that we can really get it done, and looking around I'm noticing it is getting done and I'm feeling really proud for it," said David.
David's truck will stay loaded in front of her home until she gets funds from either donations or fundraisers to help pay for the gas.

To learn more about "Makin' It Great in the '08" visit their Facebook page and search for real08ers.
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