Witnesses describe deputy-involved shooting

Many questions remain about the deadly deputy-involved shooting in Oildale Wednesday night.
BAKERSFIELD, CA -- Many questions remain about the deadly deputy-involved shooting in Oildale Wednesday night. At this point Kern County Sheriff's deputies said they do not know why two deputies shot and a killed a man after a chase. But witnesses tell 17 News it's because the man shot a K-9 officer.

With a bullet hole on their front porch, an Oildale family still can't believe what they saw Wednesday night right in front of their home.

"I was scared," said Kelly Morrell, a witness who lives at the intersection of Beardsley and Plymouth Avenues. "We stood right there on my front porch and watched the whole thing."

Deputies say what started as a traffic stop turned into a high speed chase through Oildale Wednesday around 10:15 p.m.

"I saw him come this way that way and down the alley way chasing a motorcycle," said Bobby Sue Morrell, a witness.

Witnesses say the chase ended here at Beardsley and Plymouth Avenues where the man crashed his motorcycle then took off running down the road.

"They were yelling get down get down get down and he didn't get down," said Morrell.

That's when witnesses say the man pulled out a handgun.

"He did have a gun I saw him when he got off the bike pick his gun out of his pants and go like this," said Morrell.

Witnesses say deputies sent a K-9 after him that bit his leg.

"Then he goes I'm going to get your dog so he does pop to the dog and the cops go pop pop to him," said Morell.

Deputies say a bullet hit the man at least once.

"When they took him off in the ambulance they were doing CPR on him," said Morrell.

Deputies said the man later died at KMC.

That's the story from some witnesses but others are telling a different story.

"They shot him three times then they sent their dog after him, said April Headley. "He didn't have a weapon in his hand why did they shoot him."

As of Thursday afternoon the Kern County Sheriff's Department isn't confirming or denying either story only saying the found a gun.

"We're in the very early stages of this investigation. Information that we have at this point is only preliminary," said Ray Pruitt of the Kern County Sheriff's Department.

Pruitt said the dog has been airlifted to a hospital in Southern California for surgery but we do not know its condition.

The man has not yet been identified. 17 News did speak to his family and they did not want to comment.
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