The drought is making it easier for bark beetles to kill our trees which contributes to fire danger

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - There is a bug that's biting its way through millions of dying trees during the drought. 

State fire officials blame the bark beetle for taking out 25 million trees in California.

The beetles feed on trees that are already vulnerable and dry. Their attack on the trees is widespread.

Forestry officials passed emergency exemptions to speed up the process for private homeowners to cut down dying trees that pose more of a risk.

Fire officials say the threat is serious because trees are an important part of the ecosystem and when they dry it only increases the fire risk which then increases carbon emissions

"In the drought, all the trees are weak. They are all drought stressed. So they don't have the strength to push out the bark beetles when they attack them. So that means all the trees right now are susceptible to the bark beetles attack," said Cal Fire spokesman Daniel Berlant.

Cal Fire has created a website where you can find out more information about the beetles. To visit that website click here.

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