Burrito Project celebrates 5 years

Published 07/13 2014 05:08PM

Updated 07/13 2014 05:52PM

BAKERSFIELD, CA -- For some of the needy in Bakersfield, Sundays are an opportunity to receive a free meal.

"They come out and pass out burritos every Sunday to us. Burritos, water and whatever extra they got," said Nelson Caraballo.

Caraballo has been homeless for the past four years. He's received meals from the Burrito Project, a nonprofit that distributes burritos every Sunday to the homeless.

"Not only are they just giving us food and stuff but they actually become our friends over the period of time, said Caraballo. "They come and check up on us to see how we are doing, because most of us out here don't have family or nothing."

On Sunday, the Burrito Project celebrated its fifth year anniversary.

"It actually started here at Mill Creek Park. We brought 27 burritos into the park to feed hungry people and we have grown since then," said founder Belina Lopez Rickett.

Volunteers went from making the 27 burritos in a crock pot in their own kitchen, to nearly 200 burritos in a kitchen inspected and approved by the health department.

But, Sunday's celebration involved just one burrito.

Community leaders helped roll 144 tortillas, 30 pounds of beans and 25 pounds of rice.

In the end, the burrito measured 20 feet, 11 inches.

"We try and fill a gap in our community because Sunday, a lot of organizations and groups are closed. So, our burrito helps them get by until the next time they can get help," said Rickett.

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