Car-sharing service becoming more popular in Bakersfield

Published 06/05 2014 06:58AM

Updated 06/05 2014 08:00AM

BAKERSFIELD, CA- The car-sharing service is becoming more popular in Bakersfield.

Uber user Adam Belter said, "Open a map and it shows you the city and shows you where you are and it shows you where all the cars are."

Uber Driver Kimberly Jackson said, "You can simply request a ride from wherever you're at and the nearest driver to you is immediately in route."

Belter says he feels safe using the service.

"I've never had any issues," said Belter.

Jackson says she takes extra precautions to ensure her safety as well.

"I use a GPS tracking service so that my family can tell exactly where I'm at every 13 seconds. That gives be added security and then like I said, just staying alert and if you feel weird at all, get out of there," said Jackson.

Drivers use their own cars and are screened before they're hired.

Jackson said, "You have to submit to a background check. They also check your driving record. And then you have to submit documentation for your car, your insurance and that you have a valid license."

"It'll show you a picture of the person and what their rating is and also what kind of car that they're in," said Belter.

Uber also partners with community organizations. After a young woman was hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver while she was walking in downtown Santa Barbara, Uber offers a special promotion to deter drinking and driving. If you use the code 4Mal, you will get a credit and a donation will be made to the Vow4Mal foundation, honoring her memory.

In 2013, state regulators passed car-sharing rules, creating a new category for the businesses, separate from taxis and limos.

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