Contact 17 News: Hot tub rash outbreak at Hotel Rosedale

Published 08/07 2014 06:35PM

Updated 08/08 2014 08:50AM

BAKERSFIELD, CA -- Dozens of families visiting Bakersfield for a cheerleading competition claim they got a rash from the Hotel Rosedale hot tub. The Kern County Health Department confirmed what it calls a severe outbreak.

It happened back in April. County health said it asked the hotel to close its pool for 10 days until it was cleaned but that was after at least 26 people were infected with the bacterial rash.  "It was nasty, it was gross," said Nicole Blakely, a parent of a child who contracted a rash.  "We did do an investigation and we did end up closing the pool because of the violation," said Donna Fenton, Kern County Environmental Health.

The violation being the accumulation pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria commonly known as the hot tub rash leaving Nicole Blakey's daughter and at least 26 others with a rash according to the Kern County Health Department
"All where the bathing suit was was all rash red little pimpling bumps," said Blakely.

Painful bumps that lasted for days. Kern County Health said it confirmed the rash came from the pool area and the department ordered it shut down for 10 days for cleaning for what they call an atypical, severe outbreak.

The Health Department says the bacteria multiplied in the pool and spa because they weren't cleaned properly. According the health department's website since 2007 Hotel Rosedale had 34 violations including seven for not having the proper level of disinfectant.  "It is expected that they keep that disinfectant residual at a level where there wouldn't be any bacteria in the pool," said Donna Fenton of the Kern County Environmental Health.

That's why the families affected are asking for a refund. "They will not return our calls," said Blakely.  The manager of the Hotel Rosedale said he could not comment on camera but noted that during the investigation he cooperated fully with the health department. The manager contests that anyone ever got a rash from his pool or spa saying the Kern County Health Department never informed him of the outbreak.

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