Dance marathon champ now a world record holder

BAKERSFIELD, CA - She's known as a dancing phenomenon locally, but now she's getting worldwide recognition for her skills..

Local health enthusiast Carrie Swidecki, 38, officially received recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records on Saturday for the longest marathon on a motion sensing dance game.
She also received the record for most high scores achieved in a 24-hour period with 101 high scores.
She now advocates against childhood obesity and encourages others to live healthy and exercise.

"Everybody has obstacles but it's how you approach them. And you can either be defeated or take the challenge and go for it," Swidecki said.

Swidecki said she overcame obesity 15 years ago when she weighed in at 210 pounds, wearing a size 18/ 20.
She adds she never dreamed playing video games would change her life so much.

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