Dog attack veterinary bill

Published 04/23 2014 04:29PM

Updated 04/24 2014 10:44AM

BAKERSFIELD - A Bakersfield man is desperate to find help for his dog, who was attacked by another dog over the weekend. Todd Cook has been driving around town going from one veterinary hospital to the next, but said he can't find a veterinarian who will let him make payments on a procedure.

Bakersfield-area veterinary hospitals require payment up-front or through a credit care program. The hospitals do not have in-office payment plans.

Bubba the dog was attacked Sunday morning outside of the Casablanca Nightclub, where Cook is a bartender. Cook's friend came to pick him up after his shift with Bubba in the truck. Cook said a transient with a dog was digging out bottles from a garbage can nearby and his dog got loose and attacked Bubba.

"The pit bull had his mouth just locked on to Bubba's head and I screamed," said Cook, who was able to get the dog off Bubba, but got bit himself.

Cook hasn't gone to a doctor, because he's too busy finding one for Bubba.

"They [veterinarians] said they wouldn't do the procedure unless they had the payment."

Bubba's ear has blood in it and needs to be cleaned and treated. Since he's an old dog, he will need blood work first, which will bring the total bill at more than $500. Cook said his application for the credit care program was declined.

"I know what can happen to him," said Cook.

"It could get infected or flies could get in there."

Bubba is not originally Cook's dog, but Cook says it's very important to him to keep Bubba alive and healthy for as long as he can.

"He was my roommate's dog and my roommate died of cancer," said Cook.

"He's been my dog since and I promised Robert I would take care of his dog."

If you would like to help send an email to  In the meantime, if you would like to donate, contact Four Paws Animal Hospital at 661-397-3767 or

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