Dog healing after attack by badger

Published 06/24 2014 05:19PM

Updated 06/24 2014 10:23PM

BAKERSFIELD, CA - A Saint Bernard is on the mend after a badger attacked it in Oildale. The latest attack happened a day after and just about a mile and a half down the road from a homeowner who spotted a badger burrowing under his home.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife could not tell if it was the same badger. But, they say they have caught at least two in the last week along East Norris Road that are likely looking for food and water.

"But, size don't mean anything to a badger," said Bob Morrison whose dog was attacked by a badger.

Just above Bubby's left eye, there is a large, but healing gash on the Saint Bernard.

"He came underneath the fence. You can see where they waddle," said Morrison, pointing out where the badger entered his property.

It is the back of Morrison's auto repair business on East Norris Road. He thinks the badger dug its way under the fence early Thursday morning.

"They do, oh yeah, roar. Oh, they show their teeth," said Morrison of the badger.

Morrison heard the commotion and found all 148 pounds of Bubby barking while cornering the badger under a solar panel.

"I put the light in the badger's eyes and I think it blinded him and gave the dog enough chance to get him in the rear and grab him on the back and kind of flipped him, and he got hit and then he went under the trailer," said Morrison.

Badgers are not uncommon in this area, like the one on display at the California Living Museum. But, it's the first time Morrison has ever seen one at his shop.

And a day before Morrison spotted one and just about a mile and a half down East Norris Road, Valentin Ortiz came face to face with a badger. Fish and Wildlife agents set traps, but only caught a squirrel.

"They said that it was most likely that the badger wasn't there anymore because it wouldn't share it' habitat with with any other animal," said Ortiz.

Tuesday, Ortiz buried the burrow with dirt, closing it to any other unwanted house guests.

"And, I'm just relieved and mostly I'm thankful that nobody got hurt," said Ortiz.

Meantime, Bubby is babying the bruises from battling the badger, expected to fully heal after the vicious run-in.

"Like the vet said, and I know, he's a lucky dog," said Morrison.

Fish and Wildlife agents put down the badger that attacked the dog because its legs were too damaged in the fight. The other was released.

Wildlife experts remind everyone to keep pet food, even bird feeders out of your yard to keep the critters away.

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