GET negotiations to resume Wednesday morning

Published 08/06 2014 06:56AM

Updated 08/06 2014 07:32AM

BAKERSFIELD, CA - Negotiations in the GET Bus strike are expected to resume Wednesday morning. After more than three weeks without bus service, a handful of people complained to the board Tuesday night. GET Bus riders made a plea to the board to give drivers a raise and resume service.

Get Bus rider Brenda Vergara said she relies on the bus to take care of a medical condition.

"I need the bus to pick up my medicine at the pharmacy. They don't deliver so I have to take the bus. If I don't take my medicine, my body can reject the kidney and I can eventually go back on dialysis, which is something I do not really want. Please just fix this GET Bus problem immediately, or as soon as possible. Please. We really need the transportation," she said.

GET and the union will meet Wednesday morning to once again attempt to reach an agreement with the focus on pay raises.

GET Spokesperson Gina Hayden said, "The offer on the table, that has been on the table, is 2% the first year and 2 1/2% the second year."

Union Business Agent Gary Jenkins said, "It's something we're not looking to consider at this point."

Striking employees haven't gotten paid in more than a week and health benefits will soon run out, but union representatives say members are not backing down.

Jenkins said, "Hopefully we get to the table and we're able to negotiate a fair deal for both sides."

The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday morning at an undisclosed location.

The last meeting lasted less than an hour.

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