Local political analyst talks about Republican house leadership

Published 06/11 2014 08:09AM

Updated 06/11 2014 11:52AM

BAKERSFIELD, CA --In Washington, the number two Republican in the house lost his bid for re-election Tuesday night, leaving the future of Congressional leadership undetermined.

Majority Leader, Eric Cantor's loss means a scramble for leadership positions among House Republicans. Local Congressman Kevin McCarthy is currently third in line for House leadership. Analysts say there are good opportunities for McCarthy to move up.

Cantor said, "It's disappointing, sure."

Cantor addressed supporters Tuesday night, on his loss to Tea Party candidate David Brat.

Brat said, "This is a miracle from God that just happened."

The win is unprecedented. A House Majority Leader has never lost the seat in a primary.

It's a loss that reportedly has Congressman McCarthy's camp scrambling.

17 News Political Analyst Cathy Abernathy said, "Well of course, for those of us in Kern County, the number three man is our Congressman, Kevin McCarthy."

We spoke with Abernathy in Sacramento Tuesday night.

"There has been no issue with his leadership as majority whip. So, I don't believe that's an issue whether you call yourself a Tea Party Republican, a conservative Republican, or just Republican, I haven't heard any bad criticism and Kevin McCarthy's voting record is solid on conservative issues and he's been solid on the issue that came up in this election which was immigration," said Abernathy.

Cantor was hammered for supporting the "Dream Act", part of President Obama's immigration reform. Brat's campaign focused on Cantor's stance on immigration, accusing him of being soft.

As for McCarthy's possible future leadership roles, Abernathy said, "I'm certain he doesn't have a clue right now what's going to transpire. As I said, a lot of it's going to depend on what happens with the speaker. Of course Majority Leader, that would be a natural for Kevin to move into."

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