Local same-sex couple trying to adopt

Published 06/27 2014 04:22AM

Updated 06/27 2014 07:35AM

BAKERSFIELD, CA- One in four married same-sex couples has children according to the most recent U.S. Census data. A local couple has spent the last three years preparing for a baby, but hasn't been successful.

Chad and Travis Williams are trying to adopt. They're not searching for the perfect child, they're waiting for a family to choose them.

They have spent years preparing for a baby.

Travis said, "Massive amounts of nesting is basically what we've been doing."

Remodeling their home, buying a family car and even creating a nursery.

Chad said, "Everything feels in place now. Travis and I are doing really well in our careers, we have our home. We're ready. It just feels right."

Now all they need is a baby.

"We wait for a birth mother to pick us. We're on a website, we have our brochures. When they call in and are considering making a placement for adoption, while they're still pregnant, they get to pick from anybody that's on our agency's list," said Travis.

The mother plays an important role in the adoption process. One reason the couple used a private adoption agency, is the option to continue a relationship with the birth mother and have an open adoption.

Chad said, "The family is important. It's important that we do this together. That it's about the child and it's about love."

Although they haven't been selected yet, they remain optimistic.

Travis said. "It can be very hard, but you try not to think about it never happening and just stay positive and stay focused on it will happen. It's just a matter of the right time."

The couple says the adoption will cost about $20,000.

To learn more about the couple's adoption journey visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chad-and-Travis-Adopt/577241258956240 or their website http://www.iheartadoption.org/users/chadandtravisadopt

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