Retailers: Returns are few

- BAKERSFIELD,CA-- Retailers hoping to end the holiday shopping season on a high note, with many offering post Christmas bargains to entice shoppers. 17 news spoke with managers of Target and Macy's Thursday, who said returns are few with most shoppers are coming to shop for themselves and take advantage of the sales.

"A lot of toys that have (gone) 50% off,” said Kassandra Frey from Target. “We do have a little bit that are 30% off on the toy department."

Target would like nothing more than to appease customers after an estimated 40 million accounts were exposed by hackers before the holiday. But Target isn't the only retailer aggressively courting post Christmas customers. Macy's is doing something it's never done before.

"We are having our first one day sale,” said Deena Cota from Macy's. “It is a true one day sale it is only lasting one day, no preview day and this is the first time Macy's has done that after Christmas."

Retailers hope shoppers spend an estimated $30 billion in gift cards that were left under Christmas trees this year. While some shoppers are returning items, a mother and daughter duo said Thursday was more about shopping for themselves, just don't tell her husband.

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