Suspected drunk driver in fatal crash back behind bars

Published 04/28 2014 06:40PM

Updated 04/28 2014 07:09PM

BAKERSFIELD, CA - The man accused of driving drunk and causing a crash that killed a pregnant woman on January 17, is back behind bars. Joseph Maine had his bail increased to $2 million when a report from the alcohol ankle monitor he was ordered to wear after the crash, said he wasn't in compliance.

It was checked because Maine was re-arrested while out on bail earlier this month, and accused of assaulting his girlfriend.

Maine had a prior record for "wet reckless" before he was involved in the deadly crash at Monitor Street and Fairview Road. Deputies said Maine was drunk when he ran a light and struck the passenger side of a car carrying Vanessa Carrillo. She was 32 weeks pregnant when she died.

Maine's first bail was set at $97,000, but he had to wear a SCRAM alcohol detection monitor.

"Ankle monitors are on the rise and the reason for that is that AB 109 has really impacted the local jail," said Superior Court Executive Officer Terry McNally. "Every American has the right to bail. People go to a bail bondsman and the bail bondsman charges a fee for that bail. They generally try to ensure their client appears at court."

Maine was arrested earlier this month for spousal abuse and assault after officers said he fought with his girlfriend at a Bakersfield hookah bar. Results of his ankle monitor showed he was not in compliance, but prosecutors said that could mean one of three things: he drank alcohol, put something in between his skin and the device to prevent an accurate reading, or he took it off.

The prosecution requested the full SCRAM report, but does not know when it'll be released.

The judge increased Maine's bail to $2 million and he was ordered to stay away from all places that sell alcohol.

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